Frequently Asked Questions – Wild Strait Performance Intelligence

Test modeling

Q: How can I quickly define a basic Wild Strait Performance Intelligence test model containing just the user actions?

Q: What is the role of the Wild Strait Performance Intelligence project model?

Q: What is the role of the Wild Strait Performance Intelligence test model?

Test recording

Q: Why does the browser warn me that the server’s security certificate is not trusted when I’m recording traffic with PI-Recorder?

Q: Why does Firefox warn that the server’s security certificate is not trusted even after I’ve trusted the Wild Strait PI root certificate?

Q: How do I Manipulate requests during recording?

Q: Is there a way of capturing screen shots of the application under test during the recording process?

Q: Can I test mobile applications using Wild Strait PI?

Web test generation

Q: Why does Wild Strait PI generate so many context variables?

Q: Why doesn’t my correlation rule fire on the first request in the recording?

Q: What does RequireDatapoolCandidate mean on a correlation rule?

Q: How do I determine if a particular request is the result of an HTTP redirect?

Q: How can I promote a correlation rule from a test model to the project model?

Q: How do I use PI Datapool data at recording time?

Q: How do I use Visual Studio Datasource data at recording time?

Q: Should I use a Visual Studio Datasource or a PI Datapool?

Q: How do I get Visual Studio to issue concurrent requests?

Q: Does Wild Strait Performance Intelligence support WebDav traffic?

Q: How do I filter out hosts from a recording?

Q: How Can I Disable a User Action in a Test Model without Losing All the Rules?

Q: How do I extract the value of an HTTP header field?

Q: How can I handle multiple hidden fields with the same name?

Q: Why didn’t my correlator fire?

Q: Which correlation rule applied this extraction rule / plugin?

Q: How can I handle Ajax calls returning snippets of HTML?

Q: What happens if two correlators try to modify the same request?

Q: What’s the quickest way to regenerate all web tests in a project?

Q: Can I use BeyondCompare as my default comparison tool in PI Traffic and PI Modeler?

Q: How can I compare exchanges from two different PI Traffic recordings?

Q: What is an “Exchange”?

Q: What is meant by “Chaining”?

Q: What is meant by “Datapool Candidate”?

Q: Why Can’t I Generate Successfully After Adding or Changing a User Action?

Test execution

Q: How can I POST a request containing embedded double braces characters without Visual Studio complaining that a context parameter does not exist?

Q: How can I POST a multi-part form request containing a binary payload without this being mangled?

Q: Why does my iterating test fail on the 2nd iteration?

Q: Why does my iterating test fail after execution of WebTest <X>?

Q: Why do requests have an ‘Expect 100 Continue’ header during test execution?

Q: Why does Visual Studio sometimes ignore the ‘Percentage of New Users’ setting?

Q: Why won’t my Web Test play back?

Q: Why do I get a protocol violation error reported when I play back my test?

Q: How Can I Execute Tests in a Different Environment?

Q: Why doesn’t a required cookie get set at test execution time?

Results analysis

Q: Why doesn’t PI-Analytics use my windows credentials?

Q: Why does PI-Analytics prompt for my Windows credentials?

Q: Why does the browser say ‘Navigation Cancelled’ when I try to access PI-Analytics? 

Q: Why do I get “Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel” when I try to access the PI-Analytics management options from the Wild Strait PI menu?


Q: Why have some of my Wild Strait PI extensions for Visual Studio disappeared?

Q: Can I test an HTTP/2.0 application using Wild Strait PI?

Q: What capability does this add over the standard visual studio performance test capabilities?

Q: Does this tool provide support to technologies not supported by Visual Studio performance test capabilities?

Q: Does Wild Strait enhance Visual Studio’s limited analysis capabilities?

Q: Does it integrate with any Enterprise Monitoring tools (New Relic, AppDynamics etc)?

Q: Why do I get an error message “Object must implement IConvertible” when attempting to change to SQL Server authentication mode on my test controller?