Wild Strait - The Software Performance Company. Storm approaching Southern Coast from Cook Strait, photo taken by Katja Riedel of NIWA
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Wild Strait Performance Intelligence

Don't wait until you have a software performance disaster that destroys your reputation, places your business at risk or is costly to resolve.

Substantially reduce the time and cost of software performance and find performance problems that others can't.


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Our Software Performance Services

Wild Strait Performance Intelligence

Wild Strait Performance Intelligence visualising performance test results

Wild Strait Performance Intelligence is a new software performance product, which can be used with a wide range of technologies, to ensure that web-based business systems are stable and respond quickly.

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Born out of Equinox IT

Equinox IT - New Zealand's leading independent IT consultancy

Wild Strait was born out of Equinox IT - New Zealand's leading independent IT consultancy. For other IT consulting, software development and IT training services, not related to software performance, please visit the...

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