Wild Strait Support Policy

Effective date: 20 October 2015

1. Policy Overview

This Support Policy defines the technical Support and Maintenance Services provided to Customers by Wild Strait for its Software (the ‘Supported Software’ set out in section 6 of this Support Policy).

Support and Maintenance Services are delivered as described in this Support Policy and are subject to terms and conditions of the separate Licence Agreement under which the Customer has purchased Support and Maintenance Services.

This Support Policy is subject to change at the discretion of Wild Strait from time to time.

Terms that first appear in bold in this Support Policy will, in this Support Policy, have the meaning used in the context when such terms first appear.

2. Scope of Support and Maintenance Services

  1. Included within the provision of Support and Maintenance Services
    Where the Customer is current on payment for Support and Maintenance Services under the Licence Agreement, and is not in breach of the Licence Agreement, Wild Strait shall use best endeavours to provide the Customer with:
    1. Documentation associated with the Software including product help, user guides and technical specifications.
    2. An email-based mechanism for submission and acknowledgement of each Issue with the Software (including bugs, errors or problems) reported to Wild Strait as an Incident.
    3. Services to correct Issues with the Software. The Customer acknowledges that Wild Strait is not required to correct any Issue but must make commercially reasonable efforts to do so.
    4. Commercial versions of the Software made generally available as any of the following:
      1. Major Release comprising of major enhancements or modifications to the Software. Such releases are identified by the number to the left of the first decimal in the version number. For example, 1.0 and 2.0 are each a Major Release.
      2. Minor Release comprising of minor enhancements or modifications to the Software. Such releases are identified by a change of the number to the right of the first decimal in the version number. For example, 1.1 is a Minor Release of Major Release 1.0.
      3. Maintenance Release comprising of bug fix patches and miscellaneous updates or corrections to the Software. Such releases are identified by a change of number to the right of the second decimal in the version number. For example, 1.1.1 is a Maintenance Release of 1.1.0.
    5. Guidance and troubleshooting in relation to questions or Issues arising from the following Customer activities:
      1. Installation and Downloads of the Software.
      2. Usage Issues reported as reasonable questions consistent with standard and intended usage of the Software.
      3. Version Updates to previous versions of the Software as new versions (being Major Releases, Minor Releases, or Maintenance Releases) are made generally available.
      4. Basic Configuration Issues pertaining to Customer’s configuration settings for existing installations on Supported Platforms (as defined below) to maintain connectivity and standard operation.
  2. Excluded from the provision of Support and Maintenance Services
    Support and Maintenance Services do not include the following:
    1. Services for the Software if the Software is used in conjunction with software not specified as Supported Platforms in the relevant Documentation.
    2. Writing new extensions or correcting existing client written extensions.
    3. Services for Software which is altered or modified (unless altered or modified by Wild Strait).
    4. Correcting defects in the Software due to accident, hardware malfunction, improper use, or failure to follow Wild Strait’s instructions.
    5. Any version of the Software for which Support and Maintenance Services have been discontinued.
    6. On-site or remote services (except where Wild Strait requests remote access to assist with understanding of an Issue).
    7. Services for evaluation versions of the Software provided on a no charge or evaluation basis.
    8. Services for Customer’s hardware, networks, operating systems, or third party software.
  3. Software Version Coverage
    1. Supported Versions: Wild Strait will provide Support and Maintenance Services only for the Software specified in the relevant Licence Agreement. Customer understands that Wild Strait may need additional information regarding Customer’s use of the Software in order to provide Support and Maintenance Services, or to enhance the Software and agrees to provide such information upon request.
    2. Software Component Version Consistency: Customer understands that for each installation of the Software, all components must be at the same Software release version.
    3. End of Life: Wild Strait will provide Support and Maintenance Services only for versions of the current and next-most current Major Release.
    4. Supported Platforms: Wild Strait supports use of the Software only in conjunction with the Supported Platforms specified in the Installation and Configuration Guide supplied by Wild Strait with the Software.

Where any of the conditions set out above are not met, Wild Strait is not obliged to provide Support and Maintenance Services.

3. Submission of Incidents

Support and Maintenance Services will be provided to each Customer for each Incident reported to Wild Strait as follows:

  1. Who May submit Incidents
    Support and Maintenance Services are provided to the Contact (who must be a licensed user of the Software specified in the relevant Licence Agreement) to address Issues and questions that are not addressed in Documentation provided with the Software.
  2. How to Submit Incidents
    Contacts may submit Incidents to Wild Strait by sending an email to: support@wildstrait.com.
  3. How to Report an Incident
    In order to facilitate efficient Incident analysis, the Contact must use commercially reasonable efforts to:
    1. Provide a full description of the Issue and the expected results.
    2. Verify (as applicable) the Incident is reproducible on the Supported Platforms.
    3. Correctly categorise the nature of the Incident (as general question or defect etc.)
    4. Provide necessary information (including listing of steps to reproduce the Issue with relevant data) to assist Wild Strait to prioritise, track, reproduce and generally investigate the Incident.
    5. Provide any relevant files (with sensitive data de-identified as appropriate) using, where applicable, functionality embedded within the Software to generate and zip the files for delivery.
    6. Provide exact wording of all Issue-related error messages, and screenshots where applicable.
    7. Describe any special circumstances surrounding the discovery of the Issue e.g. first occurrence or occurrence subsequent to a specific event, Customer’s business impact of the problem, and suggested priority for resolution.
    8. Quote the Incident number in any ongoing communications with Wild Strait regarding an existing Incident.

Wild Strait’s ability to provide the Support and Maintenance Services may be impaired or delayed if any Incident is not reported as set out above.

4. Analysis of Incidents

Each Incident shall be tracked from the initial report through analysis and final resolution.

  1. Wild Strait Response to Incidents
    For each Incident reported by the Contact in accordance with the submission and reporting procedures above, and provided that the Customer meets the expectations identified below, Wild Strait shall:
    1. Use commercially reasonable efforts to confirm receipt of the reported Incident within the target acknowledgment time as specified in this Support Policy.
    2. Set a Priority Level for the Incident in accordance with the criteria specified below.
    3. Analyse the Incident and, as applicable, verify the existence of the Issue(s) resulting in the Incident.
    4. Use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to the Incident within the time specified in this Support Policy.
    5. Provide direction and assistance to help resolve the Incident.
    6. Keep a record of ongoing communications with the Customer.
    7. Use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the Incident in accordance with the target response times specified in this Support Policy.
    8. Discuss Priority Level and ongoing communication timeframe with the Customer. Wild Strait may modify the Incident settings.
  2. Expectations on Customer to Assist Incident Analysis
    In order to facilitate Incident resolution, Wild Strait may require the Customer to:
    1. Provide additional information, logs, or re-execution of commands to help identify the root cause and dependencies of the Incident.
    2. Upgrade to a later release of the Software.
    3. Upgrade to a later release of the relevant Supported Platform.
    4. Change the Software configuration under instruction from Wild Strait support personnel.
    5. Temporarily install patched or diagnostic components.
    6. Facilitate a remote shared desktop session with Wild Strait support personnel.
  3. Priority Levels
    Wild Strait will prioritise Incidents in accordance with the following criteria:

    Priority 1 Incident cases (P1) are the highest priority and receive first attention. P1 is assigned to Incidents causing a complete loss of Software functionality such as where the Software is completely unavailable or hangs indefinitely.

    Priority 2 Incident cases (P2) are assigned to Incidents where there is severe loss of documented Software functionality causing a material and adverse impact to the Customer, for which there is no reasonable workaround.

    Priority 3 Incident cases (P3) are assigned to Incidents where there is minor loss of documented Software functionality causing an inconvenience to the Customer.

    Priority 4 Incident cases (P4) are assigned for Incidents requesting general assistance which may include questions regarding how to use the Software or clarifying Documentation content.

5. Resolution and Closure of Incidents

Incidents shall be regarded as resolved and may be closed by Wild Strait after the following actions have been taken:

For solvable Issues, Incident resolution may take the form of an explanation, recommendation, usage instructions, workaround instructions, or advising the Customer of an available software fix.

For Issues determined to be caused by an extension to the Software developed by the Customer, Wild Strait will provide a reasonable level of guidance (as determined by Wild Strait) on changes that the Customer may need to make to resolve the Issue, however Wild Strait will not be responsible for making such changes.

For Issues not in scope of Support and Maintenance Services, Wild Strait may close such Incident upon confirming that the Issue arises from a version, platform or usage case which is excluded from this Support Policy.

For dropped Issues, Wild Strait may close an Incident case where the Contact has not responded to two (2) or more attempts made by Wild Strait to collect additional information required to resolve the Incident.

The Customer may request closed Incidents to be re-opened. At the sole discretion of Wild Strait, Incident cases will be re-opened for further investigation where the Incident is considered by Wild Strait to be resolvable, having regard to the relevant circumstances.

6. Terms and Target Response Times

  1. Supported Software
    Wild Strait Performance Intelligence
  2. Coverage Hours

    Coverage Hours for Support Services Standard business hours in New Zealand time zone: 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday (except local public holidays in New Zealand).
    Business days are based on the above standard business hours
    Supported Channels email: support@wildstrait.com 
    Supported Contacts Licensed users of the Software
    Escalations Refer Contract Details section of the relevant Licence Agreement


  3. Target Response Times (business days)

    Acknowledgement Time 4 hours for all Incidents via email from Wild Strait
    Response Time P1 – Within one business day P2 – Within two business days P3/P4 – Within three business days
    Target Update Frequency P1 – Daily P2/P3 – Weekly P4 – Bi Weekly


  4. Support Term
    Support and Maintenance Services commence on the date the Software is advised to Customer as being available for download, for the term as specified in the relevant Licence Agreement. Support and Maintenance Services shall be renewed for the renewal period specified in the relevant Licence Agreement upon receipt of applicable payment from the Customer.
    Wild Strait has no obligation to provide Support and Maintenance Services following termination or expiry of the relevant Licence Agreement.