Performance testing

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Performance testing is a thorough approach used to understand the potential performance issues that you could encounter once your software or system goes live. Understanding that you have a performance issue ahead of time allows for the issue to be diagnosed and resolved before it occurs in a live environment with real customers or users.

There is a lot to performance testing – modelling expected load of users, establishing a production-like test environment, creating performance test scripts, using automated tools to simulate a load of users on your system, and analysing performance test results for problems.

We have been delivering performance testing services since 1995 (much of this under Equinox IT) and we can help you with this specialist activity. Our experts will undertake comprehensive performance testing on your software and IT systems, based on expected and peak user loads, to identify performance problems that may impact the stability, capacity or response times of your systems.

Our performance testing service is offered from our Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand offices.

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