1.4.5 WSPI release notes

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Release Date: 1 May 2017
Build: 2017-05-01-1540

This is a maintenance release of Wild Strait PI with a few minor new features and bug fixes. The most notable new features are compatibility with recent Chrome and Firefox security enhancements when recording HTTPS traffic and support for proxy PAC scripts.


PI Modeler

  • Pre-populate more correlation rule properties when adding rules from the traffic pane.

PI Traffic

  • Add Subject Alternative Name (now required after Chrome and Firefox change to no longer fall back to Subject CN for hostname validation).
  • Distinguish PI Results Traffic tabs using the test run time.
  • Support proxy PAC scripts.

Test Execution Framework

  • Write a correlation summary message indicating possible need for webtest credentials when Basic authentication is detected.

Bug Fixes

PI Execution

  • Fix NullReferenceException when configuring datapools.

Test Execution Framework

  • Fix NullReferenceException in EmbeddedQspCorrelator when PriorResponse is null.
  • Prevent NullReferenceException in RepairCookiePathPlugin.

Installation Instructions

For new installations, or if upgrading from Wild Strait Performance Intelligence version 1.4.0 or above, follow the standard installation instructions in the Installation and Configuration Guide.

If any new Test Execution Service instances have been created with the new Test Execution Service management functionality introduced in version 1.4.0, a SQL script should be run over the analysis databases which have been created to correct a minor issue in the schema. Open a new query window in SQL Server Management Studio, select the required analysis database and then run the SQL script Analysis DB Patch

If upgrading from an existing Wild Strait Performance Intelligence version 1.3.3 or earlier installation, install the software following the standard installation instructions. On completion of installation and prior to use, upgrade any existing datapool database instances, using the MigrateDatapools.exe utility supplied with version 1.4.0. Refer to the release notes for 1.4.0 for instructions.

If upgrading from Wild Strait PI version 1.3.0 or earlier, a one-off migration of Wild Strait recording certificates is also required after installation. This can be done by running the MigrateCertificateManager.exe utility supplied with release 1.3.1. Refer to the release notes for 1.3.1 for instructions.

Known issues

  • The repair options in both the client and server installers do not correct all classes of damage to an installation. The workaround if repair is unsuccessful is to uninstall and reinstall.


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