Online Help – Wild Strait Performance Intelligence

Wild Strait Performance Intelligence Overview | (PDF)
An introduction to the Wild Strait Performance Intelligence framework.

Installation and Configuration Guide | (PDF)
Describes the steps needed to install and configure all components of Wild Strait Performance Intelligence.

Test Modeling Guide | (PDF)
An introduction to test models and test modeling using PI Modeler.

Test Recording Guide | (PDF)
An introduction to test recording using PI Recorder.

Test Development Guide | (PDF)
How to perform advanced web test development using the PI framework.

PI Traffic User Guide | (PDF)
How to record and analyse HTTP network traffic.

Extending the Framework | (PDF)
Writing your own framework extensions to handle specific application requirements.

Test Execution Guide | (PDF)
How to configure and run a Visual Studio Load test making use of Wild Strait PI extensions.

Results Analysis Guide | (PDF)
How to access and use the PI Analytics component of Wild Strait Performance Intelligence for the analysis of results of Visual Studio Load tests.

These help pages are for the latest released version of Wild Strait Performance Intelligence.