About Wild Strait

Who we are

Wild Strait – the software performance company. Based in New Zealand, we help organisations around the world.

Wild Strait was born out of Equinox IT, an IT consultancy founded in 1995, that has led the way in developing and performance testing complex software better, faster and ultimately cheaper.

What we do

We explore smarter, better ways to tackle the increasingly complex challenges of software performance for organisations who depend upon IT.

Working together with you we ensure that your important software applications are stable and perform as expected. This allows you to protect your reputation and deliver a reliable experience for your users and customers. We do this in a way that saves you considerable time, cost and risk.

The Wild Strait name

The Cook Strait of New Zealand is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable waters in the world. At times it becomes the arena where Mother Nature unleashes her full fury, power and beauty. Perched on the Cook Strait is Wellington city where Equinox IT was founded and Wild Strait was born. We have all lived with the turmoil that comes from this proximity. Raging gales, smashing waves, horizontal rain, and white knuckled airplane landings is all part of living in this rugged, stunning and wild city. See our stunning Wild Strait images.

But as they also say – you can’t beat Wellington on a good day!

The turmoil of our strait is not dissimilar to the complexity and chaos that comes with identifying and resolving software performance issues.

That’s us, welcome, now brace yourself for Wild Strait…

Our partners

Wild Strait partners with leading international companies to deliver the best results to our clients…

Microsoft logoWild Strait is a Microsoft Visual Studio Industry PartnerTableau